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About Me


Meet Sarvesh Rajpathak, a passionate photographer with an unquenchable thirst for travel and uncovering hidden gems around the world. With a profound appreciation for nature and architectural marvels, Sarvesh has mastered the art of capturing these wonders through his artistic lens.

His journey in photography began after completing his graduation in Arts (History) and enrolling in a photography diploma course at Fergusson College in 2008. Not content with keeping his knowledge to himself, Sarvesh has generously shared his expertise by teaching 'Studio and Digital Photography' to B.Sc and Diploma students at his alma mater, Fergusson College. Additionally, he served as a visiting faculty at Marathwada College of Mass Communication, Pune, and D.E.S. Toon School of Animation, Pune, broadening his influence in the field of photography education.

An avid learner, Sarvesh Rajpathak has actively participated in workshops led by renowned photographers such as Dabboo Ratnani, Karl Taylor, Urs Recher, Benjamin Von Wong, and Elia Locardi, enriching his skills and widening his perspective on photography.

With an impressive portfolio and an eye for detail, Sarvesh has exhibited his work at both national and local photography exhibitions, earning recognition and accolades for his exceptional talent. He has also taken up the role of an adjudicator, further contributing to the photography community.

Sarvesh's dedication and expertise extend beyond traditional photography; he has earned a special mention for his outstanding product photography from 'Tata Elexi.' Fueling his passion, he even designed a panorama head for fellow photographers, showcasing his ingenuity and commitment to enhancing the photography experience for everyone.

Through his lens, Sarvesh Rajpathak seeks to inspire others to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the world we live in. Whether capturing breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring architectural wonders, or products that tell a story, Sarvesh's artistry and dedication shine through in every photograph he takes. Join him on his photographic journey and experience the world like never before.

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