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Spiti Valley (31st July to 12th August 2022)

Get your heads out of the car window and indulge in the breathtaking views of the rugged Himalayan terrain, where every curve will greet you with endless valley views, snow-clad peaks, and a moon-shaped lake on an adventurous trip to Spiti. The rustic landscape of this remotely resting land will leave you awestruck. To put it simply, a perfect playground for those who seek adventurous off-road driving along with an added bonus of spotting the ever-elusive Snow Leopard. 


A drive from the highest village to the last village is totally worth remembering as you breathe in the fresh mountain air while sitting on the isolated slopes of the last village surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Feel the chills as you look down upon a tiny truck from Asia’s highest suspended Chicham bridge or cross the manually operated cable ropeway to Kibber village, Spiti makes a perfect power-pack for an adventurous vacation.

Kye at Sunset from Down Luminar copy.jpeg
Shrikhanda Kailash.jpeg
Lagnza 01.jpeg
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